Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Forex day trading SCB steps in

Forex day trading looking what happens when the Swiss Central Bank steps in to prop up the EURO. EURCHF 4 hour chart running into support and runs to resistance, nice .03 move. [caption id="attachment_870" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Euro gets a swiss boost."]Euro gets a swiss boost.[/caption] Euro gets a swiss boot to the bank.

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S&P500 day trading course daily chart

S&P500 day trading course daily chart for May 19 2010 with support and resistance. [caption id="attachment_2287" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="S&P500 day trading course daily chart"]S&P500 day trading course daily chart[/caption] Our daily downside target is 1093.25 Point of control for today is 1112.50 and the Bears are in control at this point. 1089 is nextsupport and the n 1078.75 Watch for continued selling in this market and more of a break out this afternoon. If we consolidate on the lower ranges, we could get another low volume rally into the close. Europe is still effecting our market heavily. Trade what you see and remember trend is your friend.

S&P 500 day trading course

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