Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day trading course pre closing market action

Trading the S&P500 emini futures contract in the S&P500 day trading course live room.

[caption id="attachment_3900" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Day trading course|866-640-3737|Day trading education"]Day trading course|866-640-3737|Day trading education[/caption] In the after hours last night we watched sellers bring this back down to 1277 to 1280 and then a sell off from the news pre market to consolidate at the point of control 1271. From here the buyers could have taken it but did not show enough commitment and left us in a 4 point channel until lunch time when the sellers brought us down to 1257.25 . Our first level of support.   If sellers stay in control here we could see a move to 1252 then 1239-41 for the next major support. Selling pressure is huge, and this is over a 100 point correction from the previous swing high. If the sellers can increase volume looking for a low of 1230's before consolidation (3 day period) then next move. Friday should give us some volatility as the question to sell or hold through the weekend could push us to new lows. To the upside from these levels watch for a move back to the 1268-70 area before 3:30 today and then again we will probably see a start of tomorrow's direction in the London open. Remember, using indicators set you up perfectly to be the bait in the market which institutional traders are searching. We know you use the MACD's the Squeezes, the stochatics and we can see your stops. Learn how to trade like a money maker not a retail investor following the sheep to the slaughter. Join our Calgary or Montreal [...]

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