Friday, May 27, 2011

Day trading course Bullish Channel watch out.

[caption id="attachment_3840" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="day trading course point of control"]day trading course|learn how to trade|day trading coach[/caption] Day trading course The S&P500 finally got its turn around with support at 1303.50 .  Price reversed and returned to the 200MA (red) and settled in a consolidated trade range between 1315-1324. The price action off the bottom has given us an inverted Head & Soulders with a target of 1341.75 .  This Bullish Channel (short term) is holding with support coming in at the 50MA around todays POC. Today's Point of control is 1328 and the bulls are in Control with light buying action in a 5 point range. MOST TRADERS have left the market.  Be careful of light volume as we can get some volatility after 3:00 especially into the close. Remember the settings of the market and we are going into a three day holiday. Resistance at 1332.25 if we get through here we might rally to 1341.  Looking for extreme high of 1358.75 to come in this next week. Most traders understand some of the Dynamics of trading but still can't win.  Whether it is the inability to follow a trade plan, relying on indicators or simply being incongruent with their trading plan.  Most traders will be in the "investor class", the ones that have to keep working to keep investing and never get their break through to trading.  We are having our day trading course in Edmonton area June 25-27 and in Montreal in July9-11. We focus on price action and risk management.  We have cutting edge activities that will break you out of some of these vict [...]

S&P 500 day trading course

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