Friday, May 6, 2011

Day trading course Silver Sell the Rumor?

Day trading course Silver and selling the rumor.  Day traders have been playing an interesting cash flow from paper SLV etf to Physical.  As we are watching the whole market basically changing hands as the Margin requirements have been changed and rumors fly on new requirements that could come out this week.......Sounds like bull, the market feeds on this type of Drama.  It also seems Market Makers have used their savvy to have $25 puts on slv making a 7 fold profit in just a few weeks.  Probably one of the best calls of the year, but I don't think we are going to see anyone step up for the curtain call. [caption id="attachment_3751" align="alignleft" width="290" caption="Day trading course Silver day trading tips"]Day trading course Silver on the bottom[/caption] You can see the major down trend and the small buys that have delayed our train for a few hours.  Support is in at 34.00 with a low of $33.02.  The pattern gave us a nice reversal to 36.20 which is a $3.00 stop.  Took it out and looks like they will use this head fake to make another run on stops at 34.20 and below. This would give us an inverted Head and shoulders but probably won't execute in to the close. Expecting a low volume close. Who would hold into this with the possibility of a gap down and then rally next week?  

S&P 500 day trading course

Day trading course Inverted Head and Shoulders

Day trading course Inverted head and shoulders on S&P500 emini futures.  Day traders on the S&P500 are watching this consolidation zone from a break out of an inverted head and shoulders. [caption id="attachment_3747" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Day trading course Inverted Head and shoulders day trading tips"]Day trading course Inverted Head and shoulders day trading tips[/caption] This Beautiful Inverted Head and shoulders started to execute early this am.  Pre New York open. You can see the break of the Bear Channel's Resistant trend line with test down to the 50MA, purple, and then breakout from 1337.50 with news at 8:30 ensuing in 13 point run to 1350. A full extension on this move will be to 1372 Extreme high. The Point of Control is 1344.  There is a consolidation zone from previous price action 1345-48. During lunch this is the where a lot of retail will be headfaked. Resistance on this move is the swing high of 1350 with 1356 showing some minor resistance to a move up on previous swing highs on Long term. Looks low volume for the day, which normally coincides with price levitation. The 200 MA will give some Resistance on this move up.  Might have to bounce down to 1341 area to make the move up.    

S&P 500 day trading course

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