Thursday, October 14, 2010

S&P500 day trading course reversal bar price action

S&P500 day trading course live trade room price action. Fantastic price action today as we are ending the NY session with a reversal bar on the daily chart. [caption id="attachment_3329" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="S&P500 day trading course reversal bar daily chart"]S&P500 day trading course reversal bar daily chart[/caption] S&P500 emini futures price action showing the resistance at 1178.50 with a move toward the 1166 support mentioned last week as resistance. Price action has been as laid out this past few weeks with a low volume move to these swing highs. If we have another test up tomorrow for a retracement of today's move looking for a swing high of 1174-6 then a sell into the close for consolidation and perhaps a move to 1144.75 if sellers step in with volume. Friday could be the day.

S&P 500 day trading course

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