Friday, April 1, 2011

Day trading course S&P500 Friday Closing targets

Day trading course S&P500 Friday Closing targets [caption id="attachment_3665" align="alignleft" width="286" caption="day trading course approaching support"]day trading course approaching support[/caption] S&P500 emini futures contract going into the  close.  Buyers were in control for most of the morning with a nice upswing to just below previous highs. I am watching for this to test down to the 1324.50 area one more time before the close and then to move back to the point of control. Point of control is 1329. support at 1323.75-1324.50 then 1321 and 1315 and extreme low of 1308.25 Point of control will be initial resistance.  Watch for swings between 1324.50 and 1328.5 this is the area where the market makers will shark you out of your money looking for a break out.  More than likely will be a head fake. Last 15 minutes to have volatility as the boys who can't get home early are taking last minute buys and sells.  Could be a little crazy. Look for a close under 1330. We shall see. Have a great weekend, will post new levels on Sunday night. April 2nd will have a free trading meeting in Toronto.  Join us.  

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