Friday, March 26, 2010

Forex Day Trading Room

EUR/USD Good Morning Traders... Another mix mash of news today, but I do not see anything that would turn a market direction. BUT as always we will be vigilant in scouring sources and if we see anything different we will report. What a sweetheart of a day we saw yesterday. Several short runs on the way up, that excellent turn & run down and then a full retrace today. I wish every day would produce such good signals. Soon we anticipate have our new trading room up and running and then we will be running full audio and video. We will be looking for traders to work for us and if this fits you bill please keep us in mind. Tweet us. Our expanding program for traders and those who want us to trade for them is seeing the light of day. It has taken a long time to get to this point we will soon have a private line and contact info for both traders and investor groups. We are taking a little longer than expected but it is important to keep the legal beagles happy. Finally... London open in a few minutes and we are bouncing above the 89 EMA for now but we will look for a definite market direction before committing. FXDMG

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