Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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EUR/USD PIVOT LEVELS for April 14, 00:00 GMT Pivot Woodie Fibonacci R3     1.3790         1.3776             1.3741 R2     1.3741          1.3734             1.3693 R1      1.3664         1.3650             1.3663 P        1.3615          1.3608             1.3615 S1       1.3538        1.3524              1.3567 S2      1.3489        1.3482              1.3537 S3      1.3412         1.3398              1.3489 Good Morning Traders... Today I thought I would put in Resistance and Support levels and Pivot point. We are currently at 1.3599 and price action is basically at the pivot point. Today we are riding above the 34 & 89 EMA but it is too soon to tell if we have any direction in the market. A light news day but you may want to check with your favorite news service to see if there is anything that you would want to be out of the market before its release. FXDMG

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