Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Last weekend's announcement of the massive EU/IMF bailout has yet to achieve the effects sought by its architects. Yield spreads in Greece, Spain and Portugal have not yet returned to normal levels. In FX, the EURUSD continues to erode at an alarm rate – trading down to 1.2606 as Europe opened this morning. Given the extreme short positioning on the EURUSD, a short squeeze could easily gain downward momentum. One of the core drivers for this move is low liquidity, as many market participants are sidelining their cash in traditional wait-and-see fashion. [caption id="attachment_857" align="alignleft" width="233" caption="Forex day trading daily chart 5-12 eurusd"]Forex day trading daily chart 5-12 eurusd[/caption] USDKRW declined0.3% to 1,138.60 after North Korea was reported to have made headway in its quest to become a nuclear power. The Bank of Korea (BOK) kept its benchmark interest rate unchanged at 2% for a 15th month as Europe's debt crisis adds to concern that the nation's recovery isn't yet strong enough to withstand higher borrowing costs. BOK Governor Kim is facing pressure to join India & China in withdrawing monetary stimulus as South Korea grows faster than expected on surging exports and stronger consumer spending with the GDP growing at 1.8% and unemployment rate falling to 3.7%. The recovery will likely lose steam in coming months as the global economy slows amid the European debt crisis according to analysts. China may relax the Yuan's peg to USD this month to head off criticism of its currency policy during May 24-25 talks with the US and he [...]

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