Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day trading computer - how to maintain Day trading course

Day trading computer - how to maintain  Day trading course  Getting your computer ready to trade with a little upkeep. 1. Defrag your day trading computer weekly. If you haven't done it in a while (or ever) Do it two or three times . 2. These are two programs I use to clean up my day trading  computer and to get the registry keys cleaned up. These are free editions. Glary Utilities 3. Please do your own research, I am telling you what I use. There is bound to be better. Send me a comment if you have tweaks that work and I will update. 4. Don't use skype while trading, sucks up bandwith. 5. On the Glary utilities you can go through your start up menu and disable the programs you don't use or have to have when you startup. 6. I use google chrome as a browser. Less likely to introduce worms, viruses to the computer. 7. Use another computer to do email and IM. 8.  Check with your broker to see if they have any preferred settings for the day trade computer.  Also check the preferences of your program to see that you have at least the minimum RAM. I use two computers to trade with and have a surge protector and 15 min battery power for my computer, and modem.  

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