Monday, May 9, 2011

Day trading course SP500 Day trading tips price action

Day trading course SP500 Day trading tips price action Low volume Monday, Day traders are stepping aside and the market is floating up. [caption id="attachment_3759" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Day trading couse S&P500 day trading tips"]Day trading couse S&P500 day trading tips[/caption] The point of control for the day is coming in at 1343.25 where price is bouncing on the 200MA. Looking at a Consolidation zone from 1339-45 and buyers are testing to the upside but not breaking out of this zone. First resistance is 1349, 1355.75 then 1361 with an extreme high at 1374.25. Expecting a low volume Monday with a test down to support. 1st support coming in at the 50MA around 1339 then 1334.75 previous swing low  and then further support at 1325 then 1320. We do have a inverted Head and shoulders forming and a Higher low that could give us our upside target of 1374 during this week. We will be having a day trading course in Philadelphia May 21-23, Los Angeles June 11-13 and Montreal July 9-11.  Join us if you can.

S&P 500 day trading course

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